Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.


- Richard Branson

To engage and retain your workforce, engaging in proactive training and engagement activities is key. From simple team building activities, reward and recognition programs, and targeted training & development we can help with your training and engagement needs. 

Targeted training with your team members, leads to productivity gains, creating a more efficient workforce. ​Our training and engagement solutions provide you the ability to stand back from all of the HR paper work, and focus on growing your business. ​


Our solutions are designed to create a high performance and productive workforce that are truely engaged in the work they're completing on a daily basis. 

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Training & Development 

Training and developing your staff is a key process in people management, however can be very time consuming and often left to the side when other priorities arise. If you do not invest in training and developing your staff, you will see very limited return on investment with your staff. 

Ongoing, targeted training and development is critical to an agile and successful business that retains staff. We have the experience and expertise of creating/updating training manuals, assisting in training sessions or running training sessions targeted at key organisational outcomes.

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Reward, Recognition & Remuneration 

With an effective performance management program, you can identify top performers amongst your organisation and reward & recognise them for their efforts. Rewarding, recognising and offering them a remuneration package for your staff, encourages and develops a constant improvement culture within your business.

We work with a number of effective high performing businesses in this area.

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Team Building 

A team, both small and large that is not well engaged is corrosive to your business. We work with you to run tailored team building sessions with your decisive staff to increase employee motivation, communication and leadership amongst the team and ensure all team members are aware of their roles and expectations. 

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Internal Staff Survey & Analytics

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. They are the point of contact for your customers and have the ability to make or break your business. Valuing, and listening to your staff is critical. 

HR Matters, understands the importance of internal staff surveys to identify underlying opportunities and/or issues that need action. We work with you to develop a comprehensive survey and conduct it independently. This results in honest responses through anonymity with key recommendations to work on for the future to make your business more productive and engaged. 

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Customer Experience Audits

If your business is customer and/or service driven, we help to identify training opportunities for your team. Through independent Customer Experience Audits, we identify how your team perform against your business goals, vision and values while interacting with customers. 

We can further review your business goals, job descriptions, brand standards, processes and policies; providing feedback on the opportunities for your staff and business to improve its performance with customers. Our Customer Experience Audits drive, streamlined business processes, leading to an effective outcome for your business. 

Jake and the team at HR Matters have delivered over 8,000 Customer Experience Audits for customer and/or service driven businesses of all scales and sizes, including retail chains of 55+ stores.

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Talent Up-skilling & Succession Planning 

Focus on up-skilling the talent within your business is a critical part of succession planning to ensure business stability and consistency. We work with you to create individual employee up-skilling frameworks aimed at meeting organisational outcomes and increasing employee motivation & retention. Additional to this, we can create effective succession planning with training and development in your business to ensure you have active action plans should a key employee leave your business.


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