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We engaged HR Matters to review and update our employment contracts.  HR Matters produced documentation that was thorough and provided excellent advice to our company.  As a result we now consider HR Matters part of our team.   I would highly recommend HR Matters to any size company looking to out source their HR requirements.

Matt - Director, Lanzpec

We engaged HR Matters to review and update our Individual Employment Agreements, create a new policy handbook for our employees, and assist with organisational change. We found the HR Matters team to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to all our requests. They spent time understanding our business and how we want to grow, to ensure all our HR documentation is in line with our future plans, and tailored to our specific needs.


I feel very confident that we have been given great HR advice, and I would be very happy to recommend HR Matters to any business looking for top-quality HR services.

Will - Managing Director, Zesty Design

As a small business owner I had no idea I needed HR support until I met Jake and realised I'd been making some serious mistakes. Jake is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and attentive. He really took the time to understand my business, my goals and how I intended to grow. He developed a package that would grow with my business so I can be confident I'm being an effective employer. Don't underestimate Jake's youthful appearance. He has wisdom and character beyond his years and his commitment to excellence, caring for people and modelling leadership is profound. I have gained a HR advisor, friend and business cheerleader and I highly recommend him and the team from HR matters for all your HR requirements.

Gill - Director, Charity Tea

When hiring new staff, Jake’s knowledge has been invaluable. He is able to guide us to find the best contract to suit the needs of the position within our company. He is professional and easy to work with.  He is clear and concise with his communication and works efficiently to tight deadlines. I highly recommend Jake for any HR needs your business has, no matter how small or large they are, Jake is your man.

Milton - Owner, JC Mathew

Thank you HR Matters for the thorough review of our Individual Employment Agreements and the preparation of our new one. Your attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism make it a pleasure to work with you.

Erin - Owner, Albany

Jake has helped us truly understand the importance of having our human resources set up to get our small business to the next level. Employment law is a minefield for every business and his systems and ongoing advice have been priceless. I would highly recommend him to any business that truly wants to get the edge, in a world where employment law is often against business owners. 

Korts - Co-Owner, White Rose Painting

Jake from HR matters has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to assisting me in my business, with all my HR needs. He is a very approachable, knows his stuff and is a delight to work with. You don’t know, what you don’t know.  So it’s great to have Jake there to tell me what I need to know!

Annabelle - Owner, Diamond Fusion Northern

HR Matters have given us great advise, always willing to help.

HR Matters do all our employment contracts, their service and expertise goes a long way. We were in a difficult spot, however the clauses in the employment contract saved us a big loss! We use Jake and the team at HR Matters for all our HR related work. We would definitely recommend them.

Rocco - Owner, Azupa

Jake and the team were easy to deal with, quick and could answer any question I had. Cheers for sorting employment documents for our team.

Seth - Owner, Tint Lab

We were looking for a temporary team member due to a team member going on maternity leave. The last time we advertised for a new team member we had in excess of 500 applications. The process took forever. Fortunately enough I was able to sit down with Jake and discuss what would be the best way to fill the vacant position. Jake and his team at HR matters set about finding us the right candidate. They did all the reviewing of the applicants and came up with two candidates for us to interview. We were able to fill our temporary vacancy quickly and efficiently. The support and knowledge we received was simply awesome.

Glen - Director, Edge Mortgages

Thank you HR Matters – Jake was so helpful and accommodating to our endless requests in making our Contracts & Handbook fit to our brand, and keep in line with the tone of our business instead of a stock standard template. Once we received everything Jake always checked in, and during COVID-19 was offering endless advise. Thanks again!

Alisha - Owner, Trio Catering & Events


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