Roof worker fired over a sickie awarded $20,000

October 9, 2019

A roof worker who was sacked for calling in sick and later told to "f... off" when he asked for his final pay has been awarded $20,000.


Just two months into working for AB Roofing Limited, Jack Lane was told "harden up or no more job" when he called in sick on Anzac Day, April 25, 2017. 



HR Matters Tip:

Employers who wish to dismiss an employee need to act in good faith, have good reason, and follow a fair and reasonable process. Formal procedures in place surrounding performance and misconduct will protect you in the case of a personal grievance.

When Lane followed up about the possibility of losing his job, his boss, replied with "don't bother turning up. Over you wasting my time." 


On April 29, Lane questioned whether he would receive his final pay, but he was told to "f... rite [sic] off mate".


The Employment Relations Authority said AB Roofing failed to participate in its meeting.


Lane said he was hurt by the dismissal, he was confused and was forced to relocate after it also affected a personal relationship.


He fell into a "dark hole", the authority said.


As a result AB Roofing was ordered to pay Lane $12,000 in compensation for hurt, loss of dignity and injury to feelings. 


The company was also ordered to pay $3300 in compensation of lost wages, $1215 in outstanding wages and holiday pay, and a further $3521 in legal costs.


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