Bad hiring decisions can have toxic, rippling effects across the entire organisation.

September 25, 2019

Efficient and successful selection and recruitment methods are critical to organisational success, particularly in small businesses where individual contributions have a higher level of impact. A few employees can be a major contributor to the success or failure of an organisation.


Developing a strong HR recruitment and selection process can ensure that the company is hiring competent and loyal employees who can help the organisation to reach their business goals.



Recruitment policies and procedures should be created and reviewed in the context of current best practice standards and within the wider organisation and their strategy and goals. A bad hiring decision can have rippling effects on the rest of the staff, influencing the motivation and productivity of the whole team or organisation. Even a good worker can be a negative influence on other staff if that person doesn’t fit in with the wider office culture and personalities.


There are several ways to improve selection and retention process:

  • The recruiter must understand the job role including what the person in the position will do, what is expected of them, and what they must achieve.

  • The recruiter should prioritise what is needed from the candidate.

  • There should be multiple perspectives taken into account, which can be done through inviting multiple people into the interview process.

  • Personality should be taken into account in addition to their skillset and experience.

  • Hire people with complementary skills and create a diverse workforce.

  • Reference checks carried out.

  • A robust onboarding process can set an employee up for success and ensure a smooth transition for the worker and other employees.

  • Don’t rush the process, but don’t spend too long looking for that one perfect candidate who may not exist.


HR Matters offers full or partial recruitment services, in order to take the gamble out of your staffing decisions.





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