Labour Inspectorate charges Chorus subcontractors for ERA breaches

December 5, 2018

The Labour Inspectorate is charging two Chorus subcontractors for not meeting the basic Employment Relations Act requirements. 



On October 8, the Inspectorate alleged that 73 of 75 subcontractors involved in the UFB rollout had systematically failed to meet minimum employment standards.


A summary of the charges against these two subcontractors can be seen below:


Labour Inspectorate claims against Sunwin Technologies:

• Failed to provided written individual employment agreements in accordance with s 65 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA 2000) to five employees


• Failed to maintain wages and time records in accordance with s 130 of the ERA 2000 for five employees.


• Failed to pay the minimum wage for every hour worked to six employees in breach of the Minimum Wage Act 1983


• Failed to pay annual holiday pay to five employees in accordance with s 23 to s 25 and s 27 of the Holidays Act 2003 (HA 2003)


• Failed to maintain compliant holiday and leave records in accordance with s 81 of the HA 2003



Labour Inspectorate claims against Babylon Communications, trading as Clearvision:

• Failed to make payment to five employees for their work at not less than the minimum rate of wages as required by section 6 of the Minimum Wage Act 1983


• Failed to keep full and accurate wages and time records for its employees as required by sections 4B and 130 of the ERA 2000



This highlights the importance of New Zealand Businesses, no matter their size, to ensure that they meet their legal requirements. If you are unsure or confused with what your legal requirements are as an Employer, give us a call and we will work through these with you, face to face.



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