At HR Matters, we recognise the need for a productive and efficient workforce. 

Our tailored Productivity solutions offer you the ability to stand back from all of the HR paper work, and focus on growing your business. 

Through our specialist knowledge and skills, we can collect, analyse and report on key operational areas for improvement leading in to your performance management process, training design and policy design.

Our solutions are designed to create a high performance, and productive workforce. 

It is time to get your employees all heading in the right direction, working towards your organisational goals.

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Over 50 years hr experience

Sales Growth Tracker - Audits

If your business is customer and/or service driven, an independent understanding of your business goals, vision and values with analysis on how your staff perform these and interact with your customers is essential. 

HR Matters reviews your business goals, job descriptions, brand standards, processes and policies. We then provide feedback on the opportunities for your staff and business to improve its performance with customers, and your business process & policies to ensure an effective outcome is delivered for your business. 

Jake and the productivity team have delivered over 8,000 Human Resource/Customer Experience Audits for customer and/or service driven businesses of all scales and sizes, including retail chains of 55+ stores.

We enjoy working with small or large businesses to get the most from your team and to drive the best customer satisfaction known to your industry. Let's get the most out of your people and processes. 

Customer Feedback

Gaining customer feedback regarding your products, services and/or value proposition is invaluable in the current business environment where business agility is critical. We have completed a number of customer feedback surveys that have led to product and/or service enhancements for our clients. Let's talk about improving your business and becoming more customer focused today. 

Internal Staff Survey & Analytics

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. They are the point of contact for your customers and have the ability to make or break your business. Valuing, and listening to your staff is critical. 

HR Matters, understands the importance of internal staff surveys to identify underlying opportunities and/or issues that need action. We work with you to develop a comprehensive survey and conduct it independently. This results in honest responses through anonymity with key recommendations to work on for the future to make your business more productive and engaged.  

HR Process Outsourcing

Our aim while working in partnership with you, is to help your business achieve its goals whilst improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement. 

If you are a small to medium business, you may not have the need to employ or implement a permanent HR Department. We can provide your business comprehensive HR solution packages when you need assistance, ensuring you do not miss out on any of the benefits of in-house HR services. 

We tailor our HR solutions to suit your needs. Allow us to free up your time so you have the freedom to work on growing your business.

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