May 6th Law Changes... What does this mean for your business?

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With May 6th only a few days away, it's vital that you are ready for the new Employment Relations Amendment Act that will affect your business. 

Whether you have only a few staff, or you have over 50, these amendments will certainly effect you in many ways. 

In summary, key changes are:

  • Employees must be given set rest and meal breaks based on the number of hours worked, to help them work safely and productively.

  • 90-day trial periods will be limited to businesses with 19 employees or fewer.

  • Employees in specified ‘vulnerable industries’ will be able to transfer their existing terms and conditions in their employment contract if their work is restructured, regardless of the size of their employer.  

If you have employees who are in collective agreements, the following amendments will also effect your business:

  • Parties will not have to settle a multi-employer collective agreement — they can negotiate a single-employer collective agreement to conclude bargaining.

  • For the first 30 days, new employees must be employed under terms consistent with the collective agreement.

  • Pay rates will need to be included in collective agreements.

  • Employers will need to give reasonable paid time for union delegates to carry out their union activities.

  • Employers will need to pass on information about the role and function of unions to potential employees.

With many amendments coming into effect, now is a good time to review all of your employment documentation to ensure you meet legal standard. Talk to us today to find out more.

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