If you don't 

measure it, you can't manage it. 


- Peter Drucker

Effective performance management within your business. improves motivation for individuals and teams through setting clear expectations around performance. Once staff are aware of their performance expectations, they are encouraged to take greater ownership of their performance. 

Further integrating reward and recognition programs to celebrate high performance in your workplace aids in developing a high performance culture. We work with clients to proactively manage performance, help with low performing staff members and develop high performance teams.




Performance Management

Implementing effective Performance Management systems into your business is key to improving staff performance. We understand that managing poor performance can be one of the most challenging and stressful situations a business may handle. 


Our team are solutions focused. We create easy to follow, step by step performance management plans with clear indicators of performance steps and required outcomes.

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Managing Poor Performance

Poor performance with staff is a reality in most businesses. It can take up a lot of your time and result in focus being placed on fixing issues rather than planning for the future. Your time is precious as a business owner or manager. 


We are here to build effective plans to drive performance in the direction your business needs, letting you invest your time in more positive endeavours. 

Should performance not improve, or you have dismissed an employee, we are able to perform exit interviews. This presents the opportunity for you to gain honest answers through an anonymous third party. Exit interviews are key to finding opportunities for the company to improve on operations and identify any trends for employees leaving.

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Managing Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct within the workplace must be handled carefully, following due process and allowing a fair investigation into any incident or allegations made. Working closely with our clients, we ensure you follow legal process, mitigate any potential risk and arrive at a fair outcome for all parties involved. 

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Employment Relations

We can advise on potential risks covering all employment relations matters. Areas range from conflict management and resolution, employment contracts and agreements, disciplinary action, performance and behavioural management, legal issues, discrimination and leadership change.

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Organisational Design & Restructures

Poor performance can stem throughout an organisation if people are not aligned with organisational goals. We can work through a restructure process with you, identifying the correct 'design' of your business, ensuring it is 'fit for purpose'.

We work with you to ensure that your teams, roles and workflow processes are the right fit for your business aims.

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