Human Resource Policy is not about documents you create, file away and forget about.


HR Matters believe in an active, constantly evolving Human Resource Policy that develops as your business develops. 

Ensuring your business is legally compliant at all times reducing your business risk is critical.​

We work closely with you to meet your individual needs with a tailored HR policy solution.



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Over 50 years hr experience

Individual Employment Agreements

Hiring a new employee requires a large number of Individual Employment Documents. We have a number of Individual Employment Agreements to suit your specific business needs. We are able to customise templates fit for purpose for your business to utilise when you are employing. 

HR Policy & Documentation

We assist with all your HR policy and documentation needs. Ranging from HR manuals, employee handbooks, annual performance reviews, position descriptions, policies, house rules and more. All policy and documentation is customised to your business.

HR Legal Compliance Check

Running a business and trying to stay up to date with relevant New Zealand Employment Law and your requirements as an employer can be stressful. Our easy HR legal compliance check will identify any areas you are not meeting, and provide advice, strategy and implementation solutions. Be proactive and engage legal risk mitigation with our HR Legal Compliance Check today.

Employment Relations

We can advise on potential risks covering all employment relations matters. Areas range from conflict management and resolution, employment contracts and agreements, disciplinary action, performance and behavioural management, legal issues, discrimination and leadership change.

Vision Plan and Strategy

Having a clear, focused company vision and strategy is critical to employees becoming engaged and unified with your business purpose. We can assist your business in developing, refining or setting your business vision and strategy. All staff having a clear understanding of the business vision & values leads to business improvements.

Organisational Design

When you are undergoing change in your business, or aiming for your business goals, is it key to ensure that the 'design' of your business is 'fit for purpose'. We work with you to ensure that your teams, roles and workflow processes are the right fit for your business aims.

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