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Your organisation is fuelled by the people that you hire, measure, manage and train. 

The success of your business relies on your ability to constantly focus all areas of people management towards your organisational goals. 

Training, talent upskilling, team building and recruitment of employees needs to be targeted and aligned with organisational goals.

At HR Matters, we are here to help. From identifying areas in which can be improved, to assisting with the development and/or implementation of changes within your organisation. 

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Over 50 years hr experience


Recruiting not just a good candidate, but the right candidate for your position is critical. We all know how difficult and time consuming it can be looking through CV's, interviewing candidates, reference checking, however HR Matters are here to help.


We have experience in providing all purpose recruitment solutions and offer 200+ preliminary screening tests.  


Whether you are looking to outsource a component of the recruitment process, or the entire process, we have the experienced team to get you the results you are looking for. We ensure there is a skills match, personality type match and an organisational vision match with all candidates we recommend. 

Training and Development

Training and developing your staff is a key process in people management, however can be very time consuming and often left to the side when other priorities arise. If you do not invest in training and developing your staff, you will see very limited return on investment with your staff. 

Ongoing, targeted training and development is critical to an agile and successful business that retains staff. We have the experience and expertise of creating/updating training manuals, assisting in training sessions or running training sessions targeted at key organisational outcomes. 

Team Culture & Ownership of the Company Vision & Values

Team Culture & Ownership of the Company Vision is when all employees, no matter their level and role within your business not only know what the vision is, but it is reflected by the actions of all people, at all times. 

We work with you to ensure that your culture is aligned with your organisational outcomes with a constant focus on boosting your team culture and employee ownership of the company vision at all times. 

Team Building

A team, both small and large that is not well engaged is corrosive to your business. We work with you to run tailored team building sessions with your decisive staff to increase employee motivation, communication and leadership amongst the team and ensure all team members are aware of their roles and expectations. 

Talent Upskilling & Succession Planning

Focus on upskilling the talent within your business is a critical part of succession planning to ensure business stability and consistency. We work with you to create individual employee upskilling frameworks aimed at meeting organisational outcomes and increasing employee motivation & retention. Additional to this, we can create effective succession planning with training and development in your business to ensure you have active action plans should a key employee leave your business. 

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